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Nature Growers” App Revolutionizes Natural Farming Amidst Health and Environmental Concerns

In an era where organic produce’s demand skyrockets due to escalating health and environmental issues, natural farming emerges as a sustainable solution. This agricultural method minimizes human intervention and the use of synthetic chemicals, supporting ecological balance, enhancing soil fertility, and preserving biodiversity. Today, we are thrilled to unveil “Nature Growers,” a pioneering mobile application […]


Technovating Livestock Production

Today, remarkably on the Mother’s Day, our very first artificially inseminated and artificially incubated Muscovy duckling knocked the shell. Our R&D team has been working hard on making this long time dream of our CTO. Today was the day of harvest. Muscovy ducks of our flock at Technobrain International, have been very shy in nature […]


e-swabhimani digital impact awards 2020

It’s a great pleasure to receive a merit award under the category of “Culture and Tourism” at the e-swabhimani digital impact awards 2020, conducted by Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA) This award was presented to Technobrain International – Pvt Ltd for www.gatewaytoeast.com, a digital content creation platform and Virtual Sri Lanka […]

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Image processing for smart agriculture. Monitoring Rooster behaviors.

While climate-smart agriculture and livestock production are being proven as the best way to survive from the impacts of climate change around the globe, precision agriculture is becoming the new trend in producing both food and feed. Enterprises now are getting themselves adapted to this precision agriculture technique that provides crop growers with a precise […]

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White Paper: Digital literacy as a tool of women empowerment -perspectives of women in Sri Lanka

Digital literacy as a tool of women empowerment -perspectives of women in Sri Lanka Arudjothy Kirithika (Founder, Technobrain International, Sri Lanka) Corresponding Author’s email: krithika@technobrain.lk Abstract This paper analyses the opportunities for economic recovery from the downfall caused by the COVID19 pandemic outbreak through increasing digital literacy among women and encourage them to contribute to […]

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Virtual Sri Lanka- A baby step towards virtual tourism

COVID19 pandemic outbreak has imposed an unexpected shock on the Tourism industry around the world. As an immediate response to this shock, Technobrain International has come up with a virtual solution to make the travel enthusiasts enjoy traveling being at home. This virtual travel experience is based on an attractive mobile application with the authentic […]


Targeting the ‘New Normal’ (Ceylon Today)

By Priyangwada Perera The moment you come up with a term like ‘Skills for Inclusive Growth’, it feels like a brand new three-month diploma course you follow at a fancy institute in Colombo 7. Among hundreds of courses advertised for school leavers or school-goers, the anticipatory ‘results or acceptance letter’ awaiting youth are what we […]

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Underwater Photography, an eye dropped into the ocean!

Photography is becoming a favorite hobby irrespective of age limits these days. With the increase of travel lovers around the world that is filling with Technophiles, who are curious in learning new technologies and deliver innovative solutions, nature watch is becoming a popular stress-relieving activity. Along with nature watch, nature photography has also become popular. […]


Technobrain MD speaking to the youth present today at the ”Ideation Phase”

UNDP in SriLanka – Inno4Dev “Youth these days are way more concerned about making a change from the grassroots level. I’m excited to be part of this initiative.” Managing Director, Technobrain International Pvt Ltd speaking to the youth present today at the “Ideation Phase” in Ampara Source: https://twitter.com/undpsrilanka/status/1009324924442324993?lang=en