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Technovating Livestock Production

Today, remarkably on the Mother’s Day, our very first artificially inseminated and artificially incubated Muscovy duckling knocked the shell. Our R&D team has been working hard on making this long time dream of our CTO. Today was the day of harvest.

Muscovy ducks of our flock at Technobrain International, have been very shy in nature and they took quite a bit of time to pair up and mate naturally. Also, we have been trying since long time to extract the semen from our very aggressive Muscovy drake. Alas, it became true, and now comes the baby duckling. This little baby has been knocking the shell since last evening. Literally, later we understood, it has been looking for someone to help with breaking the shell as her/his beak is not that sharp as others. Also their eggshells are harder. Looking forward more quacks in our flock.