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White Paper: Digital literacy as a tool of women empowerment -perspectives of women in Sri Lanka

Digital literacy as a tool of women empowerment -perspectives of women in Sri Lanka

Arudjothy Kirithika

(Founder, Technobrain International, Sri Lanka)

Corresponding Author’s email: krithika@technobrain.lk


This paper analyses the opportunities for economic recovery from the downfall caused by the COVID19 pandemic outbreak through increasing digital literacy among women and encourage them to contribute to the economic development of the country. Even though various initiatives are being undertaken by several organizations to boost economic independence among women throughout the past, a significant low point is still existing in bringing out women as economically independent constituents of society. To evaluate this scenario, an online survey was conducted among women in Sri Lanka from various backgrounds regardless of economic, educational, and professional backgrounds. In this paper, three conclusions have been pulled out of the experimental design through a thorough investigation. Those are Teaching women with Digital Technologies can help them engage in earning primary as well as secondary income; Safe use of technology and readiness to face and overcome cyber emergencies and threats is vital for women while being engaged in income generation through digital services; Women who have based their income generation activities through digital technologies are economically independent comparing to the rest. The conclusions of this study open new paths for the need for training women with digital technologies starting from household level to the Nation.

Keywords: digital literacy, women empowerment, economic independence, gender stereotyping